Gate Automation & Garage Door Automation From Cape Satellites

Automate Gates and Garage Doors

Here at Cape Satellites provide a professional service that covers all types of residential and commercial electric gate and garage door systems.

We install both sliding and swing gate motors as well as garage door motors. We can install various types and brands of equipment, including the new generation computerized motors.

Why you need Gate & Garage Door Automation from Cape Satellites.

  • With the high crime in South Africa, especially hijacking and housebreaking.Being able to open the gates to your home and
  • You will be able to open the gates to your home and the garage doors from inside your car. This is the safe and necessary precaution you should take. Statistics show that many people
  • Statistics show that many people have been attacked whilst getting out of their vehicles to open their gates or garage doors.
  • Automatic gates and garage doors definitely make this harder to carry out your assets. Beyond Installations provide only

Cape Satellites provide only high-quality gate and garage door automation systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We will access your requirements and provide the best automation solution for you.